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March 12-13, 2015 – Princeton, NJ

The Pharma Customer Experience Summit is a senior-level business conference designed to help pharma identify, prioritize and solve key operational challenges that impact the customer experience. This two-day event will bring together 125+ pharma marketing & sales executives to discuss strategy, network and help pharma become more customer-centric.


  • Customer Experience: Create a Holistic Multichannel Approach to Engage Patients & HCPs
  • Patient-Centricity: Create a Dynamic, Patient Experience Across All Touchpoints
  • Physician/HCP Engagement: Strategic Insight to Engage HCPs via Emerging Channels
  • Content Marketing: Engage Customers on Their Terms by Providing Valuable Content
  • Context Marketing: Leverage Data to Target Customers & Drive Strategy
  • Outside Industry: Learn the Latest Strategic Insight from Travel, Banking & Media Experts


June 24-25, 2015 – Princeton, NJ

The 3rd Annual Mobile Pharma Summit will brings together 150+ mobile/digital pharma business & technology executives for two days of learning, networking and shaping the mobile pharma ecosystem. We’ll bring together 25+ expert speakers – from both inside and outside pharma – to share the latest case studies, insights and analytics that will improve the way pharma uses mobile.


  • Mobile Engagement: Identify a Holistic Mobile Approach to Build Customer Loyalty and Trust
  • Patients Use of Mobile: Create an Dynamic Patient Experience Across All Mobile Touchpoints
  • Physician & HCP Strategy: Discover the Latest in Physician Engagement via Mobile Devices
  • Content Marketing: Engage Customers on Their Terms by Providing Dynamic, Mobile Content
  • Evidence-Based Marketing: Leverage Data to Target Customers and Drive Business Strategy
  • Taking the Next Step with Gamification, Wearables and Sensors in Pharma
  • Outside Industry Analysis: Strategic Mobile Insight from Travel, Retail & Media Brand Leaders


October 7-8, 2015 – Boston, MA

The Clinical Trials & IoT Forum will bring together 125+ mHealth, wearables, pharma clinical trials and technology leaders for two days of groundbreaking thought leadership that will direct the future of clinical trials. By utilizing the latest mobile tools and strategies to improve the patient experience, pharma will be able to focus on the patient, collect better data and accelerate clinical trial timelines.


  • Clinical Trials of the Future: Discover What’s In Store for 2016 Pharma Initiatives and Beyond
  • mHealth and Wearables: Learn about the Latest Technologies To Improve Patient Data Collection
  • Data Management: Visualize how mHealth Tools Will Improve Patient Journals and Outcomes
  • mHealth ROI: Keys to mHealth Strategy and Utilizing the Latest Technology To Cut Costs
  • Patient Experience: Hear Patient Advocates Discuss their Top Concerns and What Works Best
  • Getting Regulatory Approval: Learn the Best Ways to get your Solution 510(K) Approval and Get Deployed
  • mHealth in Action: See the Latest Pharma Clinical Trial Case Studies and What to Expect for the Future


Improve Patient Services in Pharma: Turn Data into Actionable Insight

December 9-10, 2015 – San Francisco, CA

The Pharma Patient Services Summit brings together over 125 senior level digital pharma executives to learn, network and improve patient services in pharma. This conference will be led by 30+ expert speakers – from both inside and outside pharma – to share the latest case studies, insights and analytics that will improve the pharma/patient relationship.


  • Mobile Strategy: Utilize Mobile to Engage Patients on Their Terms
  • Social Media: Create a Useable Social Media Strategy Predicated on ROI
  • Wearables: Discover how Pharma Can Integrate Wearable Technology to Improve Outcomes
  • Content Marketing: Improve Patient Loyalty by Offering Engaging, Informative Content
  • mHealth Innovation: Effectively Use mHealth to Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Outside Industry Analysis: Customer Insight from Banking, Travel and Media Leaders

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